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We hope all of you are having a wonderful holiday season, and looking forward to having some time to spend with your friends and families. As you know the holidays of Christmas and New Years fall at the end of the week in 2020. Our shipping partners also have an increase in demand due to holiday shipments. CurrantC has decided it is best if we hold of of on shipping frozen products until after the holiday season is over. We always want to ensure that you receive the best quality product If you place an order for them and you are in a neighboring state we will ship on a case by case basis. Sorry for the inconvenience. We are still striving to ship all other products in a timely fashion.

A Wealth of Health


 CurrantC™ Black Currant Concentrate is 65° Brix, Grade A

It’s the highest quality Black Currant concentrate available.
No sweeteners - No preservatives - No additives
Just 100% pure Black Currant Juice with water removed at the rate of 5/1
The perfect way to get your daily dose of the finest Black Currants

CurrantC™ Black Currant Concentrate is recommended to be kept in the freezer for the highest quality and longest shelf life. Even when frozen the thick rich concentrate can be easily spooned out for daily usage or with a little thawing can be poured.

Make Your Own Delicious Beverages
• Just add CurrantC™ Black Currant Concentrate to water, seltzer, or other juices to create your own delicious unsweetened healthy beverage or choose which sweetener you prefer and just how sweet or tart you like it.
• Mix it with boiling water for an amazingly delicious, healthy, caffeine-free, unsweetened tea.
• Add it to your daily smoothie to bump it up to a whole new level.

One whiff of this rich, thick, smooth concentrate and you’ll know you’re on to something quite extraordinary…then taste it!

The Perfect Ingredient in Cooking and Baking
• Mix it with veal stock, tarragon and reduced red wine for the ultimate sauce on game, duck, chicken or pork. The tartness really brings out the flavor and marries perfectly.
• It’s fantastic for creating toppings and fillings for the most delicious and unique deserts
• Swirl it in ice creams, sorbets, yogurts or other frozen treats for a whole new taste sensation and the deep purple color is as beautiful as it is delicious.

It’s unsweetened and quite tart so you get to choose
to sweeten or not to sweeten
Make it real tart, a little tart, sweet or create that
perfect sweet/tart balance.

Commercial Customers
Sold in convenient, easy to handle and store, 1 and 5-gallon containers, CurrantC™ Black Concentrate is the perfect ingredient for totally unique and incredibly delicious:
Craft Beers, Meads, Ciders, Wines, Yogurts, Ice Cream, Sorbets, Baked Goods, Sauces, Dressings