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A Wealth of Health

Black Currant Rhapsody Tea

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Black Currant Rhapsody Tea brings you a malty cinnamon taste over the slightly tart notes of Black Currant with rich mouthfeel. The rose is subtle. Both the peppermint and anise leave a fresh aftertaste. This caffeine free tea is simply good and will likely make you smile. This tea is fantastic hot and stupendous cold.

Marshmallow root, the primary ingredient in this blend, was actually used in – guess what – the first marshmallows! The first marshmallow-like dessert originated in France. The sweet concoction mixed marshmallow root, rose water and meringue. While the marshmallow root in this blend creates a smooth, creamy flavor, it also comes with sweet cinnamon undertones.

This blend rejuvenates and is a great caffeine free cup of wonderfulness.

With Black Currants, marshmallow root*, cinnamon*, rosebuds/petals*, lemon myrtle*, turmeric*, peppermint*, star anise*, *organic.

Caffeine free. 

14 servings - 35 grams (1.2 oz.)

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Short Description:
Experience a real depth of flavor when Black Currants pair with the rich malty cinnamon notes of this caffeine free blend.

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