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Wildflower Seeds

     Practically everyone has heard about the struggles the Honey Bee has been going through and many of you know that the population of the once common Monarch Butterfly is on a severe decline. Pollinators across the country are in trouble and they’re the ones responsible for a large portion of the food on our plate every day. Many studies point to the loss of habitat and food sources as one of the problems. Flowering plants which are rich in nectar and pollen are crucial for the life cycle of these insects. In turn, these insects are crucial for the success of our food crops as well as an essential food sources for birds and other animals. Everything depends on everything else and when the system is in imbalance, everything suffers and is endanger.

Whether you have a field, a small back yard, a terrace or window sill, you too can help the bees by planting wildflower seeds. They can be planted in gardens, fields, back yards and window boxes.  Our CurrantC™ bee and pollinator mix is the most targeted and diverse you can find. What if you don’t have a window sill or a back yard? You can still help out by spreading seeds in a wild field somewhere. When the flowers bloom, the bees will find them. Many of these plants will reseed themselves for coming years and some are perennials that will come back year after year. The bees work really hard to keep us all well fed, healthy and happy. Here’s your chance to help them out in return.  

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